Before “London Remixed Festival”- catching up with Auntie Flo

In just two days seven different venues in London’s Shoreditch will turn slightly tropical & exotic as Continental Drifts/Global Local, the organizers of the second edition of London Remixed Festival, will bring some of the most interesting projects in the broadly understood “urban ethno” scenes: from Future African Underground to Vintage Remixed. Check out their website and book your tickets for… more


Beat Making Lab Congo: Cho Cho Cho

“Artists in Burundi sending beats to the cats in Afganistan” Does this sound cool to me? It sounds more than cool. I’ve been actually shivering of excitement watching it. Beat Making Lab Congo just released first music video. A massive bass beat, flawless flow in French, English and some Congolese dialect (I’m not expert enough to name it – anyone?)… more


Music from the trash. (+exclusive interview with Maga Bo)

“I’m 19 years old and I play cello. This cello is made from an oil can and wood that was thrown away in the garbage”, says Bebi, a young musician playing in a n orchestra. Quite special one: all kids play on instruments made out of trash. Documentary Landfill Harmonic, a movie that describes a captivating story of an orchestra… more


Reggae Round Up #005

Damn!!! its been a very long time since i shared some love with yall, Reggae Round Ups are back but this time on a monthly basis giving you the biggest and baddest tunes of each month in one heavy round up, Behold the fyah i n i must inspire. Since today (Feb 6th) is Bob Marley’s 68th anniversary im going to… more


Checkpoint Guanabana: Berlin goes Colombia

Berlin is definitelly one of the capitals of tropical music in Europe. Meet the latest addition to the city’s global bass scene – Checkpoint Guanabana IG: What’s the story behind Checkpoint? What brought you together? TEFFY: The fact:  ”Waiting for a place and time to experiment with”. HERMANO SIMON: Yes, we wanted to experiment mixing latin music with beats… we know us from… more


This Is Tecno Brega! (exclusive mix & interview with Daniel Haaksman of Man Recordings)!

This Friday we gonna have a pleasure of hosting in Wroclaw Daniel Haaksman, founder&head of Man Recordings .  We’ve taken advantage of it and asked him to prepare a short mix for us. Imported Go(o)ds Mix 007 – Daniel Haaksman by Theimportedgoods on Mixcloud Daniel: The mix is a short introduction to Tecno Brega and also Eletromelody. The latter is… more

cumbia_canalh_guachafita 640x480

Instituto de la Cumbia Vol.7

This is the last day of January so I still can wish you an excellent 2013 year. I’ll bring you some cumbias to begin the year dancing and moving on during the cold winter in the North hemisphere. The year 2013 is quite special for me, better to say for my city, Marseilles, because this year is European Capital of… more


Africa Revisited: catching up with Akwaaba

New design of our blog is finally up. It still needs some tweaks here and there, but finally the blog looks more or less how we wanted and we’re super excited about it. To celebrate it, we have something special for you: an awesome, exclusive mix by the one and only Benjamin Lebrave aka BBRAVE aka brain at Akwaaba Music.… more


Real Scenes – Johannesburg

Very interesting document about house scene in Johannesburg. By one and the only – Resident Advisor. South Africans are the biggest consumers of house music in the world, and Johannesburg is the beating heart of their scene. If you’re looking for proof, there is no need to visit a nightclub. In turning on a television, listening to the radio or… more


Latino Resiste Roundup Vol.1

We continue inviting some of the most interesting names in the global bass scene to shed a light on music from their part of the globe. After Warsaw Balkan Madness and East Stepper, it’s time for Caballo of Latino Resiste! ==================================================================== This is Caballo, and this is some of the dopest latino things going on lately. Bonde do Role +… more

Imported Goods Asian Underground

Asian Underground by East Stepper Vol.1

2012 was a good year, I started my recorded label this year called DeepMisfit Records. I also had two important releases, first was my EP “Radio Bass” and then a few months later I came out with my full length album called “Blue Leaf”. Both were received well and got good reviews from all around. I am already working on a music video… more


Best Imported Go(o)ds of 2012

So, 2012 is over. Besides droping our own two pennies worth, we’ve asked some people smarter than us to share their views: Caballo of Latino Resiste, Mikael Palner of Urban World Records and MC Zulu of.. well, MC Zulu . Here’s what we got: sometimes  flawed with subjectivity and  self promotion, but at least as honest as it gets. Here’s what we… more


Imported Go(o)ds 2012 Summary: Year On Youtube

Rewind throught the the year in which the world did not end. Entirerly subjective choice of urban ethno videos that defined 2012 for us. January: The year began with the revolution. The Narcicyst- Fly Over Egypt Yes, they were definitely part of the glory! Balkan Beat Box – Part Of The Glory   February: February belonged to the One and… more


Mentalcut – Down the lane & new Dominque Youn Unique remix.

Poznań’s own el tropico has kept himself busy before Christmas. Here are the effects. Two drops of summer in the midst of Polish winter. Futur-ish syth heatwave track “Down The Lane” And melodically nostalgic retro remix of Dominique Young Unique – Hot Girl. What you say (what she say?). more

Instituto de la Cumbia Vol.6

Instituto de la Cumbia Vol.6

Hi everybody, doctor c. is back with a new Instituto de la Cumbia, Volume 6. As always, you’ll travel all around the world thanks to cumbia. This Volume, is quite Peruvian, with some goods artists from this country, but also from Paris, Mexico, Andalusia, Bogota and Buenos Aires. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this new cumbia journey. Let’s begin with Quechuaboi,… more

3ballmty Intentalo

3BALLMTY – Intentalo

Let’s talk about the Latin-American tribal phenomenon, 3BALLMTY. But first let’s quickly define the tribal sound. I should better say precisely in this case Triball Guarachero sound. It’s a music style which revisits and combines prehispanic sounds (like for example Javier Estrada already does) with african and cumbia sounds, it’s mostly played and mixed in Mexico. 3BALLMTY is a collective… more

Mou Sultana

The Devartists: Bangla Bass feat. Brooklyn Shanti, Mou Sultana and Nucleya!

  A new music genre has just been born in Kolkatta. Bangla Bass is a result of collaboration between couple of our favourite Indian musicians: Nucleya – probably the smartest bass head of the subcontinent, New York based bengali rapper Brooklyn Shanti and a bengali singer Mou Sultana. Features following languages: English, Bengali and Bass.  Brace yourselves!   The track has… more


Dr Ring Ding & Dreadsquad – Your sound is done

Superfly Studio presents brand new raggamufin/reggae Dreadsquad single featuring Dr Ring Ding “Your sound is done”. The single hits the stores on 21.12.2012 and it comes from Dr Ring Ding & Dreadsquad collaboration”. Dig it. more


Max Rubadub ft DiGovanah – Don’t Fight EP

Coming through on Cast-a-Blast Recordings is Max RubaDub Featuring Di Govanah with “Don’t Fight”, An upful skanking vibe carried by well crafted keys with some nice synth notes to offset the melody. Max’s excellent production is topped off with a positive lyric from Di Govanah. Then there’s the remixes…. You get Jinx in Dub’s Zion Dubmix which does exactly what it says in the title and… more

Eastern Madness vol. 1


Welcome to the Eastern Madness vol. 1 !!! Its my first blog round-up ever, so I am really happy and excited! Eastern Madness will be focused on South-Eastern Europe with a taste of Middle East. I’ll try to put here most fresh and inspiring stuff, and music that stays on my playlist for longer time. Every time I’ll try to… more

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