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Jon Kwest mixtape taken down / Is moombahton a big scam?

‘Take it down, then contact each artist concerned and politely ask their permission. One or two may even say yes. Seriously, you need to rethink your approach. You have upset a lot of my friends with this - Tony Colman aka London Elektricity. That’s the reaction for new Jon Kwest mixtape. It contains 19 drum’n'bass/jungle tracks from Adam F, DOc Scott, Photek etc. remixed into moombahton style. The infringement is pretty obvious – these are not small samples, but barerly edits of some vastly popular tracks and Kwest didn’t bother not only to ask for permision, but even to inform the original artists. The fact that people say that edits are very poor is a different story – we didn’t have a chance to check it ourselves. Mixtape and remixes on Jon Kwest’s soundcloud have been taken down immediately.

The whole case raises few important questions though.

I know the title of this post is a bit of exaggeration, but frankly speaking, isn’t moombahton a bit imitative genre? It’s gaining popularity incredibly fast mostly not because of genuine productions, but moombahton edits of old classics. The fairly simple structure it easily available technology made it possible to create edits in minutes, even by not very advanced producers. And they flood the Internet with them, just to ride the wave.

Of course – it has happened before to other genres (just think of dubstep), but proportion of good quality, genuine moombahtone tracks to junk edits of old bangers have no precendence and might be seriously worrying. Is the future of a club music like this? Same old hits in rotation, just in different edits, depending on the current hype?

Another thing is, that while the topic of intelectual property infringement is as old as DJ-ing, it used to be a battle between “big bad majors” and “small poor DJs”. But here we have a case where we have DJs representing for what is still two underground genres, clashing on their most natural ground. D’n'B scene also isn’t all that “clean” after all, so shouldn’t they just know better that this is just the way things go and there’s no stopping it, so all they can do is chill out, relax and take it as a hommage? Especially, since Kwest is not selling it and not making any money on this. Whatever is the right approach (or the “righter” approach), discussion INSIDE the community rather actually seems to be healthy and might finally lead to some sort of commonly acceptable “code of conduct”.

An furious and very interesting discussion on Tropical Bass here


“Its every legend’s right to beat on the new kids and it’s every new kid’s right to not give a shit and carry on doing their thing.” says one comment there. Perhaps it sums it al best?

What do you think about it?


FYI: here’s a tracklist of the taken down mixtape. Tracklist:

01. New Blood – Worries In The Dance (Jon Kwest Rmx)

02. Barrington Levy – Under Mi Sensi – X Project Rmx (Nate Metro Rmx)

03. Potential Bad Boy Ft MC Det – Rollin’ (Jon Kwest Rmx)

04. DJ SS – The Lighter (DJ Apt One Rmx)

05. Elementz Of Noize – Hit The Deck (Pickster & Jon Kwest Rmx)

06. Brainkillers & Remarc – Press The Buzzer (Xian1 Rmx)

07. Boogie Times Tribe – The Dark Stranger (Jon Kwest Rmx)

08. Q Project – Champion Sound (Xian1 Rmx)

09. Photek – Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu (Jon Kwest Rmx)

10. Dillinja- Grimey (Kid Cedek Moombah Break Rmx)

11. Substance – Homeboyz (Jon Kwest Rmx)

12. Doc Scott – Shadowboxing (Jon Kwest Rmx)

13. Digital – Deadline (Ghost Rad Rmx)

14. Roni Size & Dj Die – It’s A Jazz Thing (Jon Kwest Rmx)

15. Doc Scott – Far Away (Secret Sauce Rmx)

16. Adam F – Circles (Jon Kwest Rmx)

17. Photek – UF0 (Jon Kwest Rmx)

18. Jonny L – Piper (Jon Kwest Rmx)

19. Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (DJ Smiles Rmx)

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2 Responses to Jon Kwest mixtape taken down / Is moombahton a big scam?

  1. [...] promotes it, part says it’s going nowhere and consists mostly of poor quality edits. Leaving the discussion behind,  facts are that we’ve been posting less and less about it [...]

  2. The bottom line is, its not his to give away, change or adapt in the first place, the thoughts of today are generally that if its free they can do what they want and that is far from the truth, these folk need to go back to school and educate themselves in music business and copyright, cases like this need to be enforced or will simply add to the watered down society we live in these days.

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