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Antibalas Ready New Album on Daptone Records

In the early 2000′s, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra was a vital entry point for many young and not-so-young ears to the broader horizons of music from across the oceans. This New York 12-piece of jazz has been making furious, inspired nouveau Afrobeat for over a decade, as a live band they are mind-melting – it might be heretical to say it, but it’s almost BETTER than Fela, partly because most of the combo are such well-trained musicians (or jazz-school dropouts maybe!)…

Anyway, after a 5-year silence they have returned to the studio under the auspices of Brooklyn’s modern soul imprint Daptone Records, co-owned by Gabriel Roth who was a founding member/composer/producer for the group in the early days. Gabriel Roth of course has since worked with international sensations like Amy Winehouse and Sharon Jones. Anyway, if “Sare Kon Kon”, the teaser they leaked thru RollingStone.com if any indication, i can’t wait to get my hands on the whole album! It’s rare for a group that’s been around so long to not only sound so fresh, but have their politics come off as meaningful too… there’s no time like the present – we really need more real-talk from the likes of Antibalas!

(via RollingStone.com)
“Stimulated by seemingly ubiquitous international uprisings and economic crises, Brooklyn-based Antibalas recently returned to the studio to put together their first album in five years, which is due August 7th on Daptone Records. On “Sare Kon Kon (redux),” the last song on Antibalas’ forthcoming self-titled album, the 12-piece Afrobeat ensemble jams in a fast-paced, energetic manner.

“To paraphrase the lyrics, it’s like, ‘We’re running, we’re running. We don’t know where we’re going, but everybody’s running.’ That kind of encapsulates the rushing anarchy that keeps the band together,” said Antibalas saxophonist Stuart Bogie. “It’s the idea that we’re all kind of on this train, and there’s no director, no engineer, no brake; everybody just has to run, and go or not go.”

Still can’t believe it’s been over a decade since Liberation! Toast!

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