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The Partysquad – “Badman Rave” EP

This Mad Decent release by Dutch House producers The Partysquad almost slipped by us, and then it was hotly debated among the crew. Again, either you love it or hate it – Badman Rave is such a strange fusion of two otherwise disparate styles (Jamaican Reggae and Dutch House), that even though dance music has gotten weirder and weirder, for many this may be a tough combo to stomach! But to some of us it’s pure gold, and perhaps underpins a social impetus to catalog the meeting of two communities…?

What the *&^$*& am i jibber jabbering about you must be wondering by now? Check it:

“Just recently, after seeing the massive impact of “The Original Don”, a collaboration with Major Lazer, and the introduction of this crazy mixture of reggae and other musical styles, it became obvious that the world was ready for more. For a special project The Partysquad took Original Don’s style even further and created 6 giant monsters that are all capable of destroying dancefloors worldwide..If this style -already labelled “Badman Rave”- could be defined, the closest way to describe it would be “All reggae mixed up with crazy electro, gabber, hardstyle, dutch, tropical and what have you…”

“Lighterman” is one of the hottest cuts on the 6-track EP, and it’s still available for free download below. The other hottest tracks from the EP in my opinion are “Badman” feat. Alvaro and “Go Down Low” both with a strong dancehall influence.

Honestly i wasn’t really so into “Original Don” when it came out and not been SO into Partysquad (although this AMAZING production of theirs for Maluca made my best of 2011)… but now with Badman Rave, i think they’re really onto something… if you agree or disagree, let’s hear about it in the comments! One!

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