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Instituto De La Cumbia Vol.2

Gabriel, our recently acquired cumbia professori based in Marseille, is back with another bomb set of tropical latin bass selections in his Instituto De La Cumbia series. Toy Selectah, Captain Cumbia, Stereo Revuelta & more – out of the ghettos of Columbia into the sonidero cumbia worldwide movement!

G.RabbitDirtyRedEyes y su dirty sonidero is a French dj from the south. He begins mixing dub and jungle when he discovered cumbia and did not left it. Now he can’t mix without cumbia. He did some first part of concert of groups as Asian Dub Foundation, High Tones and many others. He’s doing live sets and he’s now touring during the summer in the South of France.

Sean Selektah created the project Stereo Revuelta. He’s based in the city of Puebla at south of Mexico City. He’s style is cumbia-mashup but he was first influenced by reggae, songs from the North of Mexico, hip-hop and ska. He grew up in the suburbs of Puebla. He’s been influenced by the cumbia sonidera since his childhood. He’s also doing somme Mexican hip-hop style.

You can also hear his great cumbia version of Lenny Kravitz’s song “Are ya gonna go my way”.

ManJah is a DJ from Athens in Greece (I’m always impressed when I discover how far the cumbia can influence artists). This song is a remix of a song of a great colombian cumbia singer Lucho Campillo in pure colombian style, maybe the best one, or the purest. He’s not only mixing cumbia, and we can say that he is more influenced by reggae, dancehall or hip-hop than cumbia. The mix is really accomplished because it respects the voice of the singer and the words.

Captain Cumbia is a French DJ, not only mixing with cumbia, but mostly now. He maybe invented the concept of cumbia balkanica, at least in France. He cames to Marseille two weeks ago and I met him. The beginning of this mix is really understable for French people, or for people who lived in the South of France. It’s part of a soundclash with Pedrolito, an Argentinian DJ based in Paris. But I’ll do an entire post just for them, because they’re really creative guys, and you’ll understand why they deserve it.

As I promise in Vol.1, here you have a second Toy Selectah’s video. The video is so crazy as the first one, but in an other way. The music is not so cumbia, but it doesn’t matter. Just to add an information, Toy Selectah is starring in this clip, he’s the guy with the blue shirt and the maroon hat. Enjoy!

And just for the fun, if you didn’t hear enough Michel Tello’s song “Ai seu te pego” despite its version in many languages, you can hear it now in a cumbia version done by DJ Nano.

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