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Eastern Madness vol. 1

Welcome to the Eastern Madness vol. 1 !!!

Its my first blog round-up ever, so I am really happy and excited! Eastern Madness will be focused on South-Eastern Europe with a taste of Middle East. I’ll try to put here most fresh and inspiring stuff, and music that stays on my playlist for longer time. Every time I’ll try to put some polish accent, cause this is country where I am coming from J

At the beginning I would like to introduce to You to STEREO PARTIZAN from Hungary – their productions have been most fresh and powerful for last 12 months. Its worth mentioning that head of a project – Gergely Barcza – is (Israeli situated) member of worldwide famous gipsy band “Besh o Drom” from Budapest. Their productions based on heavy beats and aggressive wobbles are real dancefloor burners! During their live acts they use real drumkits, saxophones, and midi-brass controllers.

1. My personal number 1 on the last-year-playlist. Since first time I heard this track – I play it constantly. 160bpm tempo, samples from brilliant Opa Cupa (gipsy famous melody played Slavic Soul Party), drumstep parts and what is most important – BELLA CIAO – anthem of anti-fascist movement. Everyone have to sing!

2. Beautiful combination of ultimate gipsy anthem – Ederlezi – with totally crazy wobble dubstep. Etno/folk conservatists are disgust. So what??

3. Israeli-Balkan combination

4. Traditional Serbian Kolo dancemixed with wobbled Ska? Why not!

5. Fresh and interesting combination of Balkan and Bhangra styles. Released on Gaetano Fabri’s BALKAN CIRCUS album (http://www.amazon.com/Balkan-Circus/dp/B007L4M8T4)


Moombahton is still developing, meeting new styles and genres. As from the beginning, it works well with Balkan influences! Catch few examples:

From great EP by Shazalakazoo & Chernobyl ft. Suppa Fly called ZICA MEMO, re-work from Shazalakazoo’s member NEKI STRANAC of Gregor Salto remix… total party banger!!!

Amazing remix dropped by That Mexican DJ in Moombahton-Cumbia style! Based on Balkan Beat Box Balcumbia. When main beat strikes in 1:17 – be ready for heavy dancing!

Last Balkan-Moombahton this time links us with next part, dedicated to DJ SUPER STEREO from Budapest. Victor Laskai brings nice remix of traditional Serbian Brass-Trumpet-Guca style melody.

As always, SuperStereo is up2date, following newest trends – brings us remix of Shantel in TRAP style. I am far from getting excited by “new genres” that people try to create, but still – Balkan-trap combination is worth mentioning!

After success of Baltic Bass vol 1 compilation, time for second one. SuperStereo brings Busta Rhymes mashup. Very Interesting!

For the end, as mentioned – something from Poland. This week died Wladyslaw Trebunia-Tutka, great artist from mountain region, who brought together traditional folk from mountais and reggae music. Trebunie-Tutki & Twinkle Brothers was unique project in Polish music industry. Check other version of this song, produced by very young producer called Gooral.

Till next time!

Robert Radzimirski
Warsaw Balkan Madness

Warsaw Balkan Madness is unique project from capital city of Poland – established  to promote rich and tasteful culture from southern and eastern Europe. Folk and ethnic heritage meets newest modern trends in art from all over the world. Old blends with new, kitsch blends with the highest quality productions.  Performance of Warsaw Balkan Madness can be described as “Eclectic, crazy and unexpected show, bringing together music & visual performence”


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